Your CRM is Great. . . But It Could Be Better.

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Any business’s CRM can make or break their success rate. But each business is different and each CRM is comprised of multiple strategies and tools. How can you guarantee that your sales team is getting the most out of its CRM?

Your CRM is a huge factor in the success of your sales. It is the framework that allows you to maintain positive relationships with clients, boost your productivity, and efficiently draw reports and data. You’ve built it based on the needs of your own company and tailored it to fit your customers.

CRMs, however, need to work in an ecosystem in order to benefit your organization the most. In other words, your CRM should work in partnership with different technologies to be completely effective. We find that many organizations will bolt-on additional services and technologies to their CRM to provide for a more well-rounded user experience. In essence, by working with CRM partners, you are creating your own best-of-breed platform that is right for your growth.

Gamifier is designed to quickly and efficiently integrate with your CRM ecosystem to promote positive habits that benefit your sales team. Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce pipelines all seamlessly fuse with Gamifier. Connecting your CRM only takes a few clicks. Imagine seeing your turnover rates skyrocket just by gamifying your CRM!

Additionally, our insights generator provides you with a clear and real-time update of how your sales team is performing in their speed, quality, and dependability. Your CRM alone can’t give your team that sort of motivation.

By onboarding Gamifier with your existing CRM, you as the sales manager are giving your team a power boost. 

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