My Sales Team is Doing Fine. Why Do I Need Gamifier?

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Perhaps your sales team is thriving, selling deals right and left, and everyone is pulling their weight. Business is booming and it feels like you’re the head of the dream team. You may wonder why Gamifier is still relevant to you. After all, why try to fix something that’s not broken? Here are three ways Gamifier can benefit an already successful sales team.

Positive Reinforcement, Positive Attitude

Everything’s more fun when it’s made into a game. Though your sales team may be performing well, adding Gamifier to your CRM will add a layer of positivity to your sales team’s process. 

Providing positive reinforcement and giving your sales team some much-deserved praise will improve their daily work experience and attitude towards the sale of your products and services. 

Your sales team will enjoy their workday even more when they see how well they’re crushing goals on Gamifier. Seeing their points climb as they log their client calls is a great self-motivator. Gamifier helps your employees focus on the amazing work they’re doing, and rewarding them for their successes will only feed their fire.

Incentive to Stay Focused

No matter how much we love our jobs, some days just feel never-ending. It’s during those days that it’s easy to fall into the trap of cyberspace and, “I’ll just check my social media really quick,” turns into, “Oops, an hour’s gone and I haven’t gotten any work done.” 

Distractions like social media, games, videos, and memes are kryptonite to productivity in the workplace, whether your team meets in an office or works remotely. Why not replace the distraction of negative influences with the fun and benefits of Gamifier? 

With the various quests and challenges your sales team will complete with Gamifier, there’s no need to seek distraction throughout the workday. Increase your team’s productivity and provide them with a fun incentive to maintain their focus.

Data Drives

Gamifier’s dashboard provides clear visuals that track your sales team’s activity. You and your team can easily see the numbers of calls made and deals closed as they tackle fun challenges. You can also use the Productivity Score feature, which breaks down your team’s speed, dependability, and quality. 

The data Gamifier reveals serves as a great diagnostic tool; even though business might be booming at present, Gamifier provides clear data to help you pinpoint areas of growth should things take a downward turn.

Joining your already successful CRM with Gamifier will help take your business and sales team to the next level. Set your team up with a free trial of Gamifier today.

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