March 2020 Product Update: A Smart Way of Work, Enjoyable experience, and Customization

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Getting things done is not always an easy task. It requires hard work, consistency and clear goals. But, to level-up daily activities we need to rethink new ways of doing it. 

Success is alway an outcome from our actions, right?!

To help you in this journey we rethink about it. We listened to our clients new needs and gathered all the necessary info to bring out a new way of work.

Our February update was designed to enhance opportunities of development with an outstanding user interface and new mechanisms of feedback and recognition for your sales team. 

Let’s check in detail what’s new.

A smart way of work to enhance productivity

Clear expectations and learning how a team is doing are key to the process. Now you can explore your sales plan, and align the company goals with Gamifier.

A dashboard with quick access to information 

Every company must know what they seek in a business. But how to combine the right indicators and tasks in order to achieve more productivity?

This NEW dashboard  will allow you to have quick access to information to the milestones created within each cycle.

By using Productivity Indicators ( Speed, Quality and Dependability) you keep gamification balanced with the creation of milestones for the analysis of results.

Also, this allows you to reward and recognize the sales team using the leaderboard ranking accordingly the rules based and performance.

To help you, we created a countdown to keep eyes on time.

And Sales Quota aligned with your gamification 

The quota cycle is configured in a way the entire gamification is aligned with the company’s sales cycle. 

Now it’s possible to reset the leaderboard at every end date of the Sales Quota Cycle plan automatically.

Team context and challenges aligned with company goals

Embrace a mission, build a customized Quest

Quest is a way to tell an exciting story with your team. Here you need to stay focused on where you want the story to go.

For example, with that, it’s possible to create small journeys for salespeople to help them direct attention and effort towards goal-relevant-tasks. If you want,  you can do it for individuals or the group. 

Use cases examples

  • In the Ramp-up process of new salespeople to help them learn about the business;
  • To improve an activity execution from any team member;
  • To create a collaborative task force with the whole sales team.

Challenge your team and discover new sales leaders

How about enhancing healthy competition and challenging all the team in doing their best?

Using this feature, you can also automate the creation of challenges and milestones attached to a start and end date. More joy in the process and opportunity to discover new sales leaders.

Use cases examples

  • Discover who sells over the Average Purchase value in a specific day;
  • Focus efforts into an important activity;
  • Challenge your team to improve any productivity indicators;

A brand new design easy to explore with a enjoyable experience for your team

All the dashboards are very intuitive and help you channel better your actions towards more  engagement from your team. 

We believe recognition is a way to encourage people to stay in the game. Also, it raises the effect on autonomy and enjoyment.

Our goal is to help you to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary in spite of overwhelming obstacles. And when combining innovation with a smart way of work, we can create new ways of promoting a productive culture, together.

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