Sales Leaderboard: How This Simple Tool Can Help Your Sales Team Thrive

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Being in charge of a team and its results inside a company is a challenging job. If you are in this position, you may have tried several strategies to get salespeople to sell more and increase revenue for the company.

Am I right?

Today, we are going to talk about something simple, but that can absolutely help to drive the results you are expecting: The sales leaderboard.

Largely used in games, the scoreboard is a tool that proven motivates players to perform better so that they achieve the top positions. If done right, this means reps happily working hard to achieve the goals you have set.

Healthy competition is one of the best ways the sales leaderboard can help to motivate members of a sales team.

“You don’t have to run faster than the bear to get away. You just have to run faster than the guy next to you.”

Jim Butcher

It is proven that competition is in human blood, especially when it comes to sales professionals. There is no doubt that this is a field fueled by competition.

Studies have shown that more isn’t always better. Being better than peers is. For example, people would rather earn less but over the average, than receiving a higher salary while others receive more than they do.

Psychology has even discovered something called “the last-place aversion.” This means it is natural for human beings to avoid being in the last position.

Ok. And what all this has to do with the sales leaderboard and my sales team?

A scoreboard is exactly the perfect tool to show visually the performance of everyone in the sales team.

Every action taken by the salesperson (accordingly to what you define) will move him/her one position toward the top of the board. The other salespeople will be doing the same.

No one wants to be in the last position. The most competitive will work hard to get the first position and be a top performer.

Sounds simple? It is.

Motivation can raise even better if you set prizes to the top performers. Specific challenges – earning more points – in the middle of the sales cycle will improve their willingness to do tasks without you having to chase them.

“Games are the only force in the known universe that can get people to take actions against their self-interest, in a predictable way, without using force.”

Gabe Zichermann

The leaderboard is one of the most effective game elements, whether inside games or in real life. Also, it is one of the most simple gamification tools to apply to your team.

Wanna know how to? You can both:

  1. Have a printable scoreboard on your office wall (for free).
  2. Or automate the entire process using a gamification platform.

Learn more about these options and find what’s best for you right now:1.

1. Free Printable Sales Leaderboard

Saleswomen smiling at whiteboard

The printable sales leaderboard is a simple tool that can be hung on a wall in the workplace. It is perfect for sales teams that are growing and don’t use a customer management tool to organize the processes yet.

It is also good for those companies that would like to take a glance at how gamification works, but aren’t prepared yet to invest in a more complete solution.

For this group, we have developed a free printable sales leaderboard that can be downloaded and simply employed in the workplace.

Attached to the scoreboard, you will find the rules to “play,” as well as ideas for challenges. It comes with avatars in different styles, so you can make the leaderboard look more personal and attractive for the salespeople.

2. A Complete Gamification Platform

Table surrounded by salespeople smiling and using gadgets.

A gamification platform will include a sales scoreboard, updated in real-time from your CRM, as well as offering other tools to incentivize productivity within the team.

The Gamifier platform provides a mobile app, where the reps can immediately check the performance of their colleagues (or their own) throughout the day. This is excellent for teams that sell outside the workplace, for example.

However, all teams can benefit from the automation of the process – as long as they use a CRM.

Using gamification, the manager can set custom rules and challenges to improve productivity. The game elements provided by the platform (such as points, XPs, achievements, and others) will be in charge of motivating the “players” to accomplish their tasks happily.

The manager will also be able to work better since the software offers relevant and simplified data about everything that is going on inside the team.

Both in paper or automatized, the scoreboard is a powerful tool to help sales teams thrive. Choose the best option for you at this moment and see for yourself its benefits.

Want to share your experience with (or without) a sales leaderboard, or have questions about it? Use the comments below!

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