Gamification Elements: how we design the Gamifier experiences

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Gamifier is a gamification platform for business and CRM teams using Pipedrive and Hubspot. We develop a powerful engine that can process actions into rules with many different mechanics. And we have a fundamental focus on designing experiences, thinking about the user, results, impacts, joyful, background, and ethics.

To create these experiences, we have some core gamification elements, like Points, XPs, Karmas, Golds, and Achievements. These elements work together as rewards a player can receive while “playing” on Gamifier.

Each element we introduce on the platform have a solid foundation in gamification and game design theories. Also, we manage to keep them fresh and relevant by adding new mechanics that reinforce their value, as Quests and Challenges, features released in the last update.

The importance of a well-designed element

Elements are the main point of contact connecting the system and the player, being relevant as rewards based on the business parameters configured by the manager.

Consequently, our gamification elements became perceptions of growth, progression, winning, or losing.

We have been working carefully to build a set of Elements that can help players to achieve more results by a healthier, funnier, and smarter way, from different perspectives.

Core gamification elements on Gamifier: Points, XPs, Karmas, Golds, and Achievements

The perspectives on Gamifier

On the Gamifier platform, the elements are available in different mechanics, like rules, leaderboards, social interactions, quests, challenges, as indicators, and rewards. Currently, the available elements are:

  • Points – the main element and represents the rewards of actions that generate value to the company. Points are used to determine the position of the players in the leaderboard, so they balance the perception of gamification between players and the main “game”;
  • XPs – the experience points are progressive points earned by the players to represent their experience as users in the use of the Gamifier platform;
  • Karmas – our element of socialization. Whenever players perform one of the social actions on the platform, they will be rewarded with karma points;
  • Golds – represent the actual value generated with deals, determined by the Deal Value (or an analogous data) converted directly from the currency unit to Golds;
  • Achievements – celebrations of significant accomplishments and represent good practices. They are milestones in progress using Gamifier and seek to reveal the growth of your results in the company.

Gamification elements in action

Gamifier is a gamification platform focused on helping managers and salesperson to optimize their productivity. We connect external systems as integrations, like Pipedrive and Hubspot CRM. By receiving the actions made in the daily work, we process rules and give players rewards using the gamification elements at their own pace.

If you are a user of Pipedrive or Hubspot, you can experience the gamification elements in action with our Basic Free plan. Or to have the full experience, including tools like Quests and Challenges, start a 14 days trial of the Essential or the Advanced plans.

Try our platform of gamification for Pipedrive and Hubspot

By starting your account, you can introduce a complete gamification experience to your sales team, helping each person to achieve their best productivity.

Let’s boost your results together!

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I make things, especially games... I'm Game Designer here at Gamifier, always prepared to play (and learn). Specialist postgraduate in Game Design and student of MBA in Business Intelligence and MBA in Business Management of Social Impact.

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