Why Salespeople Love CRM Gamification

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Salespeople are some of the most hard-working and high-achieving staff that any company can have. Typically those who go into sales are driven, competitive, and want to achieve as much as possible. This is why salespeople love CRM gamification. 

There are many benefits to using gamification to boost your sales, and they all feed into the psychology behind gamification – and why salespeople can really make the most of it. 


Gamification makes the workplace more engaging. Sales can be a challenge, and when there are leads to chase, deals to close, and appointments to book, it can take more than just money to keep your team engaged. That is where gamification comes into play. 

Having a leaderboard, rewards, or a points system in play gives more than just money up for grabs. We all like to see how well we are performing, and when you give salespeople a target, they want to hit it. 

Gamification makes it more engaging and exciting. 

Gamification is fun, the fun keeps your team happy, and a happy team performs. 


Where can I do better? How can I close more sales? What can I do to improve my closing techniques? 

A leaderboard or a game style list can give incredible insight to the team and the team leader. You can see who is closing the biggest deals, putting the most client hours in, warming up the most leads. 

It can also give insight into where they can improve. Where a training program could come in handy, or where a mentorship program could work. 

A clear direction is invaluable to people who actively seek to improve and want the information to be able to do so. As gamification is integrated into your CRM platforms, there can be a clearly defined process for increasing performance. 

Goal Setting

Goal setting is linked with higher motivation, confidence, esteem, and autonomy. Locke and Lathan, 2006, show a direct relationship between goal setting and task performance. 

So it no surprise that salespeople are already high performers. They are driven by goals. Gamification of the work environment gives the chance to set goals that are work-related but come with some perks like:

  • Peer recognition
  • Bonuses
  • Feeds their competitive natures


Sales is not a single-player sport; it is a team game. The sales team needs to work together to bring a cold lead to a close. Sometimes the communication within the team can be lacking. A gamification process will add in extra communication in the form of alerts, team updates, and in some cases, chat groups. 

Gamification requires updates; both automatic and manual are essential. Missed information can lower rankings. Proper records and communication are vital for your sales teams, and gamification encourages those records to be detailed and precise. 

Being able to see everything in an easy to read format provided by gamification also allows those who might not be reaching their targets to ask for help – within the team. 

Further solidifying your sales team and encouraging open communication. Gamifier helps in connecting and inspire teams through incredible tools and challenges. Start your free 30 trial. 

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