3 Ways To Use Gamification In Sales

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Gamification is a great way to improve employee performance, and in doing so, you can increase your sales. But what is gamification, and how can you use it to sell your sales skyrocket? 

What is gamification?

Gamification is where you add elements of game style playing to something. You can score points; there are competitions, extra activities, and more. This can be used as a marketing technique to increase sales. 

3 Ways To Use Gamification In Sales

Gamifying your marketing gets people more engaged and invested in what you’re presenting to them. It can also use the spirit of competition to have your staff working a bit harder – and enjoying it. 

Money Isn’t Everything

Of course, each of your sales team needs to earn money, it is the primary driver of why many are in sales. But there’s sometime another level to reach in your team.

This is about positive reinforcement without putting bonuses and money on the line. When your sales team regularly receives positive feedback, commendations, and recognition for peers from doing well, they do better, and so does the company, up to 36% according to some.

Gamification, and indeed some of the benefits we get from playing games, include completing goals. These goals could be a team effort, or they could be personal, but we all know that when you reach personal goals, there is a sense of satisfaction that comes with it. That satisfaction can spread throughout the team, and they will be looking to improve on that time and again.


Most people who work in sales are already competitive, and they like to perform better than others, and they like to outperform themselves. Using gamification, you can work on that friendly competition between your team members; and stoke a fire up under their ambition. It could be a points reward, a bonus, even badges. 

Depending on the platform you choose to use, you can present a range of cool options for your team. Every time they achieve a higher result and reach new goals, it is an opportunity for you to commend them for doing so.

Tracking how everyone is doing using a leaderboard is a great tool for a team leader. But it also means that you can have a range of different goals. It doesn’t just have to be who manages to close the most sales. It can be who brings in the most leads; it could be the number of hours your sales team has put in; it could be the amount of booked appointments. This means there is an opportunity for almost every type of salesperson and gamer to achieve. And can give you a fully rounded view of your team’s real strengths.


When you have gamification in play, you can see which team members are consistently performing and outperforming. It also highlights which sales team members are underperforming, and this is an opportunity to work with those who need extra support, training, and how you can improve the weakest link in your sales team.

You can put some of the lower performers with some of the higher performers for some mentoring to see if you can raise your team’s overall quality and momentum.

Gamification is a great way to increase your team’s happiness, and in turn, increase your sales. Start using Gamifier for 30 days, free, and see your sales improve.

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