July 2019 Product Update: Improved Organization, New Badge System and Overhauled Design

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We are committed to developing new ways to let gamification enhance your teams productivity. To ensure that we uphold this commitment, we actively listen to what our customers tell us about their experiences and develop new and innovative solutions to solve common problems using Gamifier. 

In our July 2019 Update, we’ve introduced several features, enhancements, and refinements to Gamifier. This update was designed to allow managers to organize their gamified environment better, engage teams using more in-depth gamification mechanics and improve the user interface to make our platform more pleasant to the eyes.

Find more details about the improvements below, these are all available to check out on Gamifier now.

Benefit from More Organized Pipelines Using “Areas”

The Areas feature allows you to organize your teams within Gamifier in a more streamlined way.

Using Areas, we make it possible to separate your different teams’ pipelines into individualized gamified environments within Gamifier. Doing this, it becomes possible to monitor your different teams’ performances separately. Employing this feature, it’s easy to organize distinct departments into their own games and customize unique mechanics to fit different team dynamics.

For example, Sales Development and Customer Success reps have very different tasks and roles within a company. It makes sense to separate them into different areas that are customized according to their unique needs. Doing this allows you to contextualize the gamification experience for each team, as well as have more insight into the performance and overall productivity of separate teams.  

This feature was designed to help improve the coordination of your sales process, leading to a more organized and productive pipeline.

You can easily switch between areas by clicking on the top menu in the top left corner of your home page in the Gamifier webapp.

Badges Have Improved: 3-Level Achievements

Achievements in a player's profile

Every time a team member accomplishes something remarkable, it should be celebrated. This is why we have implemented achievements – a better way to allow you to show off your accomplishments on your Gamifier profile.

Each achievement is posted on the social timeline, where others can view and interact with this team’s members’ success. 

In this latest update, achievements now have 3 levels. Using a tiered level system for each achievement, we allow team members to show off how much progress they have, always striving to get the highest level achievement.

Levels of an achievement

The “Busy Bee” achievement, for example, is earned when a salesperson closes deals daily. To get the next tiered achievement level, they must close deals every day for 5 days to achieve level 2, and 30 days for level 3.

This enhanced gamification system is intended to motivate your team using pre-set goals that are fun to work towards

The progressive achievement helps motivate teams to keep up the good work and strive for bigger and better results. Our tiered achievement mechanics are intended to spark fun competition among co-workers. Coupled with our leaderboards, this new feature makes Gamifier a great solution to create a more competitive work environment. This is a powerful fuel for team productivity.

Easy on the Eyes: Fresh and Modern Layout

Not only new features have arrived, but also a more refined layout and user interface on both the Gamifier web-app and mobile app. These visual enhancements are intended to make our platform more pleasant to navigate and, of course, more engaging to everyone! 

Check out some of the visual changes we made:

Player Profile

Each player’s profile is now easier to navigate, with game-data and productivity perspectives being much easier to find and use to reveal more detailed information about team members.

Game and productivity indicators in mobile profile

  • Player’s game indicators

Using the game-data section in the updated profiles, the player can access the team ranking, check conquered and available achievements, and view experience points, levels and interactions with other players.

  • Player’s productivity indicators

In the updated profiles, we made productivity data easier to understand. The player can use this section to check their indicatorsof speed, quality and dependability. They can view how far or close they are from targets, this is designed so players can understand how they are performing.


Achievemet and combo post on timeline

The timeline is the main tool for social interaction on Gamifier, it’s where you find out how everyone is progressing in the game, and interact with their progress.

We went ahead and improved the general layout and visual design of the timeline, giving aspects that deserve more recognition like achievements, XP, and gold a more refined visual appearance

We understood that a lot of users spend most of their time interacting with Gamifier through the timeline, so we strived to improve their experience within it. 

We hope to hear your feedback about the latest update. Tell us what you think below.

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