Sales Gamification for Pipedrive: 10 Ways Gamifier Makes Gamification Easy

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Sales gamification is a powerful tool to leverage a game-like environment to enhance your team’s performance and achieve better results. To ensure you implement gamification properly, it’s important to choose the best solution for you. 

Our solution, Gamifier, lets you discover the benefits of adding gamification to your sales process.  We do this in a people-centric way that is firmly focused on delivering results. We wanted to describe how we make gamification possible for you, and how it can impact your process in a positive way. 

We have made this list of reasons to show why Gamifier is the best gamification solution for Pipedrive CRM. Let’s get into it. 

1. Sales-focused Gamification 

We designed our gamification platform entirely around a sales context. While some solutions offer a one-size-fits-all solution, Gamifier provides a more focused approach. We take pride in developing an experience tailored to the sales context.

A sales-focused gamification experience in your team allows you to create reinforced processes that work, helping give your sales team a fun way to improve performance.  

Our features, achievements, and communication are designed from the ground up to meet your sales teams’ needs. 

2. Easy and Fast to Set Up 

Gamifier is currently an exclusive integrator with Pipedrive, it is found in their marketplace, with other Pipedrive apps. We make it easy to get started – just click on the Install Now button and follow the steps. 

In about 3 minutes, you will have a productivity diagnosis of your team, gamification installed, and everything linked to the CRM. It’s never been easier to enjoy the benefits of Gamification. 

3. Smart Customization

We understand that every business is unique, not every sales-team is the same. Because of this, we have ensured your gamification is easy to configure for your needs and unique process. 

To make sales gamification work the way you expect, we designed our platforms customization around ways to improve your process. This lets you customize the platform according to what your team needs while focusing on your unique sales goals.     

For example, we have preset goals with a specific group of rules conceived to make gamification in the workplace even more effective like: 

  • Keep pipeline up to date: preset rules to encourage salespeople to update Pipedrive regularly. 
  • Make good sales: rules that will stimulate salespeople to close more and better deals.   
  • Promote socialization: endorse habits to increase interaction between team members, leading to a healthier work environment and, consequently, more motivated salespeople.    
  • Qualify pipeline: encourage salespeople to add complete information about the opportunities to the pipeline.  

Each of these goals can be activated or deactivated based on your preference. You can even fine-tune each goal to ensure you have control over the game. 

Another tool of smart customization is the parameters set-up. Here you can change how many activities should be done, deals should be closed, contacts should be generated, and other goals within a period of time. 

All this information will be transformed into targets, which the salespeople should hit, showing how much, how fast and how steady their sales should be.  

4. Engage usage of Pipedrive

Gamifier stimulates healthy competition among salespeople. Who doesn’t want to be the top of your companies leaderboards? 

This is an amazing trigger to get disengaged Pipedriver users to update the pipeline since something as basic as updating CRM is rewarded within the game. 

Engaging your team and rewarding them for following through on their process is powerful. It has the ability to ensure every aspect of sales is rewarded

5. Mobile App                    

Sales gamification should not be stuck to a computer or a TV fixed at the workplace, especially in a world where professionals are always on-the-go.

With our mobile app, everyone is connected and checking what’s happening in real-time. This helps the team members keep up with the progress of teammates and interact with each other’s achievements. 

With this solution at hand, reps can also update CRM more easily and get motivated by the healthy competition. 

6. Real-time Feedback

As soon as players update Pipedrive, the sales gamification app gives a notification indicating what affect their sales-action had on their game. These can be enabled or disabled to one’s desire, allowing you to be notified as much or as little as you want.

Both rewards and punishments are aligned with the reps’ actions on Pipedrive. They can get or lose gold, for example. 

Most of the progress in your game will go straight to a timeline where every team member can see each other’s performance. This keeps teams constantly monitoring each other’s progress and striving to be the best. 

7. Data Simplified for Managers

To make key-decisions as a manager, you must be guided by actionable insight. You need to have a clear picture of how your team is performing, ensuring you don’t overlook indicators that show you strengths or weaknesses in your team’s performance. 

We take your CRM data and present you with approachable, interactive, and insightful visualizations of different aspects of performance. Using this feature, you can analyze statistics from every member of the team, together or separately, within a period of time. 

Using this information, it becomes possible to configure your gamification to reflect on how your team performs. 

8. Boost Productivity     

Every detail of Gamifier was designed to increase productivity for sales team throughout the world. To us, being productive in sales means a balance between speed, quality, and dependability. We think that for you to have a well-oiled sales operation, a balance needs to be established between these factors. 

To be productive, your team should be engaged in a balanced process. It’s easy for you to monitor these indicators of productivity in Gamifier using our productivity diagnosis features.  

9. Fun for Players 

Our platform is designed to be a more fun alternative to other solutions. The purpose of gamification is to bring elements that make games fun and engaging to solve a real problem

Gamifier uses modern design, leaderboard, and several game mechanics to make the sales process more fun and get team members motivated. 

10. Try All the Benefits For Free

It costs nothing to get started with gamification today. We have a seven-day trial that allows you to determine if sales gamification is right for you. 

In order to really see the advantages of gamification, you really have to see it in action. That’s why we are allowing you to try it for free. 

What do you think of the Gamifier sales gamification solution? Get a productivity diagnosis of your team now and let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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