Sales Motivation: How to Get Your Team Inspired and Engaged With Gamification

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To be a stellar sales manager, it’s important to go beyond simple supervision of a team of reps. It is your job to get salespeople in the mood to close better deals and show real results for your business. So how do we tap into the proven drive to make salespeople sell more, better, and faster? Let’s do a deep dive on sales motivation, and why it’s integral to success in your sales teams. 

Motivated people are what keep your business operating like a well-oiled machine, leading to increased quality of life in the workplace, and, of course, a higher volume of sales. There are numerous ways to initiate and maintain a great level of sales motivation, but is there any way that is as fun and easy to set up as gamification? Let’s examine how gamification can increase motivation in your sales team.   

Applying elements from modern games to the work environment can have a tendency to take a bit of the “work” out of work. It has the capability to make seemingly boring tasks a lot more fun, and reward you for completing them. It also brings out a competitive edge in teammates and keeps everybody connected with the shared progress of a team. All of these aspects tie together to change your sales operation in a huge way, making teams and managers very happy when they see the results.

We went ahead and broke down some of the more in-depth reasons that gamification has the ability to increase sales-motivation

Real-time Feedback

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Receiving an appropriate amount of feedback is essential for a team to improve their performance. For sales professionals to progress, it’s vital that they see clearly where they are succeeding and where they can improve. Receiving first-hand feedback from colleagues has a very positive impact on motivation, but sometimes it’s great to have access to all your results instantly.

Using Gamifier to track results allows reps to compete with themselves, and co-workers, substantially increasing motivation. Using this, reps don’t have to wait until the following meeting or performance report to understand how they are doing.

Employing gamification, salespeople can get more connection with their sales operation by staying up-to-date on the collective performance of their whole team.

Rewards for Accomplished Tasks

It’s important for sales reps to feel rewarded for doing their job, but often-times the only real reward is the commission cheque for closing a sale. 

Providing recognition and digital rewards for completing important tasks, leading up to a sale, is a powerful way to incite motivation. Gamification makes this job easier by handing out preset rewards to the “players” for doing things like updating CRM, completing tasks, and moving deals forward. 

This ability to feel rewarded for all aspects of the sales process is one of the most important aspects of gamification. It has the ability to instill good habits in sales reps and make them motivated to follow through on all aspects of their process

Here are some of the game elements that reward players for different aspects of their sales process:

Achievement for player in gamification

“Players” can receive points, XP, and gold in Gamifier. 

Points represent your progress in a current sales cycle or quarterly challenge. XP represents your progress and experience overall within the app. These are the most common rewards for accomplishing tasks in Gamifier platform. 

“Players” receive gold for closing deals. This is the currency of Gamifier. As a sales manager, you can modify how these rewards are distributed, according to your unique sales process. 

Another reward you can set up at Gamifier is Karma. These are points that reps can get by having social interaction on the platform, such as commenting on and liking other’s achievements. This is useful if you need to create a healthier environment among your sales team and reduce any negative aspects of an overly competitive environment. 

Achievements are representative of great accomplishments from reps. To get these, the team member must achieve some preset goals, like making sales higher than average or completing activities on time for several days in a row. The achievements are multi-leveled, allowing top sales reps to get the maximum level for each one.

We have a lot of gamification systems within our platform, and we are always improving them, adding more to make the experience more motivational.

Healthy Competition With a Leaderboard 

Salespeople are generally competitive types of people. A leaderboard can help structure this environment and harness the competitive energy to create explosive motivational energy.

Using gamification, you have a dynamic leaderboard always changing to reflect the performance of sales reps. It becomes addictive to check your results and try to beat your co-workers while still congratulating them on their hard work. 

Productivity Score

Score of productivity inside Gamifier platform

The Productivity Score of Gamifier shows each player visual feedback regarding their performance. This is combined with the Insights Generator, a metric that calculates the productivity in 3 perspectives: speed, quality, and dependability, allowing sales reps and managers to have a full understanding of their performance. 

The average of all three of these scores will total to your overall productivity score, giving insight to overall performance.

This visual aid helps to raise motivation among sales reps and, consequently, improve productivity and revenue.

Want to see this in action? Try gamification free and see the benefits of gamification in your sales team. 

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