Ways to reduce stress and be more productive in sales

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It is very common for stress to be considered inherent in the role of a sales rep. You may even wonder if it is possible to work in sales without stress being with you on every call or meeting.

If you live this reality, we want to help you manage stress by promoting your well-being and performance.

After all, what is stress?

Stress is the human organism’s response to changes that call for some reaction adjustment. This response can be positive (eustress) or negative (distress).

To understand it even better we also need to understand the main symptoms:

  • Physical –  the high level of stress can lead to headaches, insomnia, stomach pain, muscle tension, etc;
  • Emotional – you can feel irritated, frustrated, with low self-esteem, anxious, depressed and other negative feelings.

If you have identified any of these symptoms, it is important to understand what are the losses that they can cause to your life, your relationships and also to the sales process.


Why stress affects sales performance?

With a high level of distress, your behavior towards your co-workers, manager, prospects, and customers can be negatively affected. Understand why:

  • Motivation – a demotivated sales representative may feel less willing to achieve goals during the sales cycle;
  • Focus – with the sales representative’s low self-esteem and depressed feelings, there is more attention to obstacles and less to solutions;
  • Communication – the difficulty of socialization and irritability, can lead to a great loss in the performance of calls and meetings.

With the graph below, the relationship between stress level and performance is even clearer. It is possible to understand that eustress is ideal for high performance, while distress is harmful.

The Yerkes-Dodson law


So, what will make you a successful sales representative is how you manage the stressors present in your sales process.

How to manage the stress, stay with a mind healthful to live and work better

  • Get to know yourself
    If you know yourself well, you will know which characteristics you can use in favor of your performance and which ones need attention in stressful situations. You can get to know yourself better through our Sales Personality Test.
  • Sleep
    Because of the stressors and issues to resolve, you may think that sleeping has become a waste of time. Do not fool yourself. Being sufficiently rested will make all the difference in your sales performance.
  • Know and apply good practices
    Organizing your activities will make your daily life more strategic and productive. Making use of this and other good sales practices can help a lot during the process, besides contributing to the reduction of stress, it increases the chances of conversion.
  • Relax
    Being on the job 24 hours a day does not mean you are being productive. Value the moments with your family, friends, co-workers and even alone. Have a good time! This will strengthen your health and your disposition for stressful days.

Now that you have understood the importance of knowing yourself, sleeping well, applying good practices to the work method and relaxing, you can also combine tools that will help to keep your performance based on positive stress, one of them is gamification.

Learn how Gamifier can help you and your team

If you have any other tips to reduce the level of stress and strengthen the performance of other sales reps, share it with us.

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