Your CRM is Great. . . But It Could Be Better.

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Any business’s CRM can make or break their success rate. But each business is different and each CRM is comprised of multiple strategies and tools. How can you guarantee that your sales team is getting the most out of its CRM? Your CRM is a huge factor in the success of your sales. It is

My Sales Team is Doing Fine. Why Do I Need Gamifier?


Perhaps your sales team is thriving, selling deals right and left, and everyone is pulling their weight. Business is booming and it feels like you’re the head of the dream team. You may wonder why Gamifier is still relevant to you. After all, why try to fix something that’s not broken? Here are three ways

3 Ways To Use Gamification In Sales


Gamification is a great way to improve employee performance, and in doing so, you can increase your sales. But what is gamification, and how can you use it to sell your sales skyrocket?  What is gamification? Gamification is where you add elements of game style playing to something. You can score points; there are competitions,

Why Salespeople Love CRM Gamification


Salespeople are some of the most hard-working and high-achieving staff that any company can have. Typically those who go into sales are driven, competitive, and want to achieve as much as possible. This is why salespeople love CRM gamification.  There are many benefits to using gamification to boost your sales, and they all feed into

Hidden CRM Data You Need To Know To Grow Sales


Let’s get real honest, CRM data can be truly painful. I mean…Painful. It’s usually a mess. Poor marketing attribution. Sales doesn’t move deals. No activities are being tracked. Opportunities are entered the day they know they will close. The problem with data is, if it’s a mess, it’s relatively useless, which is an entirely different

Why Knowing Your CRM Data Can Transform Your Organization


Data is king. It’s been spoken of as being more valuable than gold. Most of Facebook and Google’s revenue is from data, i.e. ads. You can only run effective ads with useful data. Same as you can only run an effective sales organization knowing your sales data. And that means knowing your CRM like it’s

November 2020 Product Updates: Leaderboard Updates, XP Changes, Rule Customization.

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We are making big changes to help you better run your sales organization! Our focus is around customization, giving you the opportunity to change Gamifier to perfectly match the way your organization runs. Leaderboard Updates The leaderboard is getting an update. We know how important it is to recognize the reps bringing in the most

June 2020 Product Update: Meet the new Quota Cycle Spotlight and keep posted about the big moves


Gamifier has several new features, enhancements, and refinements to help managers organize their gamified environment better, engage teams using more in-depth gamification mechanics and improve the user interface. Check them out!

Sales productivity with Speed, Dependability, and Quality in a fun way


Every time you think about sales productivity, what comes to mind right away: Sell ​​a lot? Be quick at all stages? Do everything with a lot of quality? If you have ever thought of any of these options as synonymous with productivity, you are on the right track, but what you will understand better with

Engagement and motivation: Meaning, differences and the relationship between them


Are you engaged or motivated?When we do not have a clear understanding of what each one represents, it is very easy to confuse statements about how we feel or how we realize the other’s engagement and motivation, especially in the work context. Whether you are a sales rep or sales manager, understanding the meaning, the

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