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November 2020 Product Updates: Leaderboard Updates, XP Changes, Rule Customization.

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We are making big changes to help you better run your sales organization! Our focus is around customization, giving you the opportunity to change Gamifier to perfectly match the way your organization runs. Leaderboard Updates The leaderboard is getting an update. We know how important it is to recognize the reps bringing in the most

June 2020 Product Update: Meet the new Quota Cycle Spotlight and keep posted about the big moves

Gamifier has several new features, enhancements, and refinements to help managers organize their gamified environment better, engage teams using more in-depth gamification mechanics and improve the user interface. Check them out!

Sales productivity with Speed, Dependability, and Quality in a fun way

Every time you think about sales productivity, what comes to mind right away: Sell ​​a lot? Be quick at all stages? Do everything with a lot of quality? If you have ever thought of any of these options as synonymous with productivity, you are on the right track, but what you will understand better with

Engagement and motivation: Meaning, differences and the relationship between them

Are you engaged or motivated?When we do not have a clear understanding of what each one represents, it is very easy to confuse statements about how we feel or how we realize the other’s engagement and motivation, especially in the work context. Whether you are a sales rep or sales manager, understanding the meaning, the

Remote work without micromanagement

Micromanagement is a polarizing question in workplaces. By definition, it means to assume control over a task, project, or decisions to a particular level, and still very common to find it in nowadays work environment, but aggravated when working remotely. Overly committing to managing the process can lead to managers demanding more reports, meetings, consequently

6 tips for taking care of your mental health working at home

Well, although we often think that working at home would be a dream, if you are not careful, that dream can easily become a nightmare. Whether you are alone or with a full house with your family, taking care of your mental health during remote work will certainly contribute not only to your productivity and

Gamification ideas to remote work, without Gamifier

Ideas of how Gamification can help smooth the remote work by raising the mood, bringing some motivation, and keeping the engagement the best you can do.

What is the personality of a sales top performer?

Before getting to the answer, do you consider yourself a top performer? Regardless of whether your answer is yes or no, think about this question: what is it about your personality that favors your performance? The beginning of the understanding of the personality of a top performer is given by the self-knowledge of your personality.

Gamification Elements: how we design the Gamifier experiences

Learn how we design Points, XPs, Achievements, and Golds to help salespeople get better results in Pipedrive and Hubspot.

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