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Gamifier & Hubspot: What You Can Get from this Brand New Partnership


Team engagement, motivation, a culture based on proactivity and recognition, productivity, and others. These are some advantages our gamification platform can provide to organizations that integrate with us.

You can get all of this for FREE in our beta phase! Find out more about the brand new Gamifier for Hubspot CRM!

Sales Motivation: How to Get Your Team Inspired and Engaged With Gamification


To be a stellar sales manager, it’s important to go beyond simple supervision of a team of reps. It is your job to get salespeople in the mood to close better deals and show real results for your business. So how do we tap into the proven drive to make salespeople sell more, better, and faster? Let’s do a deep dive on sales motivation, and why it’s integral to success in your sales teams!

How to have a high performing sales teams using Pipedrive


Having a high-performing sales team is not a sales manager‘s dream, it’s a necessity. Among the daily challenges of reaching sales targets, they need to think of mechanisms for sales results to move at the same fast pace as their goals. They can’t always stop to reflect on the best processes or take a month

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